First Authorized Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA) Training Class Delivered

Cyber AB-approved Training Program Prepares Professionals for the CCA Exam

February 7, 2023, Waukee, IA—ecfirst, an authorized CMMC Licensed Partner Publisher (LPP) and the CMMC Training Academy, a service of Cyber Security Training and Consulting LLC, an authorized CMMC Licensed Training Provider (LTP), announced that they have successfully partnered to deliver the first Defense Industrial Base’s Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA) training class, using approved Cyber AB-Authorized Training Material (CATM).

The CCA credential validates a candidate’s readiness to perform as an effective Lead or Certified Assessor of Organizations Seeking Certification (OSC) at CMMC Level 2.

Jeffrey Crump, Principal Consultant at the CMMC Training Academy, said “We have delivered the Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) course to hundreds of students around the world, and they are all very excited to continue their journey by taking the Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA) course with us. Because the CCA course material was hot off the press, we wanted to ensure a quality training experience for our first CCA cohort, so we chose to facilitate the training delivery by the ecfirst team.”

This pioneering class is opening new career paths for IT professionals in the Defense Industrial Base. A key advantage to receive this training, according to ecfirst’s CEO Ali Pabrai, is professionals can dive deeper and examine CMMC Level 2 Assessment scoping and associated practices and real-world scenarios.

“Those who are CCA credentialed are authorized to perform CMMC assessments,” Mr. Pabrai said. “It means a significant increase in responsibility and impact for professionals and the organizations they serve. The ecfirst CCA course helps professionals acquire in-depth knowledge of the CMMC standard and the requirements to appropriately secure Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).”

Crump added, “Feedback from participants in this first class was overwhelmingly positive and they stated that the course was an incredibly insightful training experience. I strongly encourage other LTPs to consider ecfirst’s high-quality CATM when looking for an LPP with CCP and CCA training material.”

About ecfirst

Established in 1999, ecfirst delivers complete end-to-end compliance and cyber defense services across the United States and worldwide. ecfirst has completed several hundred cybersecurity risk and vulnerability assessments. Further, ecfirst has guided clients to successfully achieve HITRUST Certification and has managed assessments using various standards, including but not limited to NIST SP 800-53/171, CMMC, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, and others. ecfirst is a CMMC C3PAO (candidate), RPO, LPP, and LTP. ecfirst is also a HITRUST External Authorized Assessor. World-class cybersecurity certification training programs created by ecfirst include CHP, CSCS™, and CCSA.

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