Protecting and managing the integrity of your enterprise has become a significant challenge against determined threat operators. Utilizing expert resources that improve your proactive stance on security is a vital component of business risk management in today’s constantly changing cyber threat landscape.

With almost two decades of experience ecfirst has produced tools and processes to effectively serve your compliance, risk and information security concerns.

Regulatory authorities have treated breaches as preventable failures in risk management. Having a plan in place, and teamwork, can minimize your liability, including disruption of patient care and business operations.

Cyber Security Services

  • Website protection
    • DDoS attacks are becoming more complex and costly, simultaneously affecting different parts of your network. ecfirst can detect and mitigate these attacks targeting websites and apps, allowing legitimate users to interact.
  • Infrastructure protection
    • Unsecured IoT and mobile devices increase DDoS vulnerabilities. Monitoring the outer layer of network security can protect a network even with IT infrastructure changes. Be able to protect your organization from attacks that directly threaten your infrastructure.
  • Name server protection (DNS)
    •  Domain name server attacks have become a top attack vector; this part of the infrastructure can delay or deny user connections. Make sure you have protection for your DNS servers against network and application layer assaults.
Application security has become more critical as new technologies are being implemented. Some healthcare apps are now externally available for associates and other users. Providers are reporting security as a main concern over cloud adoption. Continuous monitoring of potential vulnerabilities using periodic Penetration Testing is advised. Remediation recommendations are provided by ecfirst.  
How confident are you that safeguards are in place to prevent improper access to patient and confidential data? Are policies and processes for staff access to PHI and PII being observed? How your access is managed, with continuous testing of data access, is essential to preventing insider threats as well as external attacks.
Cyber literacy and enabling cyber intelligence across the enterprise lowers business risk. Highly valued industry training and certification programs from ecfirst may be customized and delivered on-site. Specialized cybersecurity workshops target cyber challenges and provide credible best practices for defense.  
Take advantage of a comprehensive Risk Assessment by ecfirst. This is conducted on a periodic basis to determine your security and compliance posture. Understand your exposure and create plans to prioritize  and reduce threats and vulnerabilities. Plans are customized for your organization. With extensive experience in guiding incident response and recovery, ecfirst develops plans that will  prepare you with the right action items for each step of incident management. Identifying a responsive and agile team is an essential part of the plan. Exercises and testing for different types of incident scenarios provide the right level of competence based on your company’s risk and security profile.