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e1 Key Highlights

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e1 At-a-Glance Overview

Description e1 Assessment
Foundational Cybersecurity
Purpose (Use Case) Provides entry-level assurance focused on the most critical cybersecurity controls to demonstrate that essential security hygiene is in place
Number of HITRUST CSF Requirements on a 2-Year Basis and Maturity Levels Considered 44 (Year 1), 44 (Year 2), Implemented
Policy and Procedure Consideration Minimal
Flexibility of Control Selection No tailoring
Evaluation Approach 1x5: Implementation control maturity level
Level of Assurance Conveyed Low (for organizations that present a low level of information security risk)
Control Requirements Performed by Service Providers Allows Carve-Outs or Inclusion
Certifiable Assessment Provides Targeted Coverage for one or more authoritative sources Yes, 1-year
Supporting Assessments Readiness
Alignment with Authoritative Sources CISA Cyber Essentials, Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP) for Small Healthcare Organizations, NIST 171’s Basic Requirements, NIST IR 7621
Uses Results Distribution System™ to Share Results Yes
Leverages HITRUST Assurance Intelligence Engine™ (AIE) to Prevent Omissions and Errors Yes
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HITRUST e1 Benefits

  • Adds efficiency and flexibility to the HITRUST Portfolio
  • Faster, more streamlined assurances
  • Cyber threat-adaptive approach for added protection
  • Efficient way to show that core cybersecurity controls are operating effectively to protect the organization
  • Requires less effort to complete and falls below the level of assurance conveyed by the more rigorous HITRUST i1 and r2 Assessments
  • Provides the right level of assurance for organizations that pose low levels of risk
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