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I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you. Thank you and the excellent team at ecfirst for hard work, late hours and diligence during the first round of our HITRUST Certification and now working on our annual risk management and HIPAA compliance assessment. From HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity pen tests, to the HITRUST Certification engagement, we have found ecfirst to be an exceptional partner that labored incredibly hard for us, with us. The ecfirst insight and diligence to ensuring HITRUST Certification mandates are met led to us completing our engagement on budget and time. We look forward to deeper collaboration with ecfirst in the cybersecurity space in the future. I continue to recommend ecfirst highly and often!

As an organization in the healthcare industry, getting HITRUST Certification was one of the primary goals of Trionfo Solutions. With such as big task ahead of us, we knew we needed help and partnered with ecfirst for our HITRUST journey. From the very beginning, ecfirst provided all the necessary information in understanding the complete HITRUST process from start to finish. As we worked through all our efforts from scoping, policy, procedures and implementation, the ecfirst team went above and beyond spending countless hours in providing key information, resources and walked us through every step of the way in achieving our goal. After months and months of effort, we are so happy to recently receive our first round of HITRUST Certification. This was an enormous effort for us and having partnered with ecfirst gave us the guidance and expertise needed in getting our HITRUST Certification. We are now working on our HITRUST interim assessment as well as planning our recertification and looking forward to working with ecfirst for the second round.

ecfirst is a great partner for P3 Health Partners as we work towards HITRUST Certification. We started with an extremely tight time frame which required all involved to be focused and dedicated to our oblective. ecfirst has been a dedicated partner and provided whatever resources were needed for us to accomplish our goals. Every person from ecfirst has been professional and knowledgeable. They have continuously gone up and beyond expectations and truly been a partner that cares about their clients. I look forward to our continued partnership because I know they have our best interest in mind.

episource, with a global workforce, is a leading provider of risk adjustment, clinical and analytics solutions for Healthcare Payer organizations. The privacy and security of sensitive member data is an executive priority. For the past decade, episource has engaged ecfirst to address HIPAA compliance mandates and has successfully achieved HITRUST Certification for its core business applications and systems. A relationship of trust and value has been firmly established. We look forward to the next decade of deeper collaboration with ecfirst to address cyber challenges and rising compliance requirements.

I attended Pabrai’s presentation at the HITRUST 2019 Conference. I thought it was the best session of the show. I appreciated the approach and content

Thank you again for the presentation by Pabrai at the HITRUST 2019 Conference in Texas. My opinion was that Pabrai delivered the best presentation of the conference. Very professional, thoughtfully constructed and presented with passion.

Beacon Health Options has always strived for success in embracing and adopting cybersecurity frameworks to provide the maximum assurance for our customers. Beacon partnered with ecfirst to deliver on our commitment to achieve HITRUST Certification. I can truly state that the expertise provided by ecfirst really assisted Beacon in achieving its HITRUST Certification. ecfirst provided the HITRUST Workshop training and subject matter experts throughout our HITRUST journey. It has been a pleasure working with ecfirst!

Mom’s Meals, as a food manufacturer in the healthcare industry, viewed pursuing a HITRUST Certification as a way to demonstrate that it takes security to heart. Since we did not have internal subject experts, Mom’s Meals realized that a partnership with ecfirst was paramount to a successful journey to achieve HITRUST Certification.

From the start of our project, ecfirst provided guidance and insight on the HITRUST Certification process. Mom’s Meals had a very aggressive project timeframe and ecfirst worked with us to complete the project within that timeframe. With the help of ecfirst, their very competent Assessor and with their Team, we successfully received our first round of HITRUST Certification

Mom’s Meals is preparing to work on our HITRUST Interim Assessment and looks forward to working with ecfirst to complete that in a timely manner

It has been our pleasure to work with the ecfirst Team on the Cerner HIPAA risk assessment. I appreciate the patience you all expressed in getting the contract off the ground, the flexibility you all demonstrated to meet our needs and the professionalism you all demonstrated along the way.

I have received kudos for a job well done and I know from experience those reflect the work you did

I have had multiple discussions with Cerner Chiefs – our Chief Information Officer, Chief Security Officer and Chief Compliance Officer – and all are satisfied and have asked me to thank you

I hope to work with your team again in the future

"I have 20+ years of experience in the Healthcare IT industry in a variety of roles including Cybersecurity software and services. During this time I have seen numerous speakers on the topic of Cybersecurity and Ali Pabrai is among the best. He covers the state of the industry, healthcare-specific regulations, process, product, best practices and call- to-action takeaways in a manner that can be understood at multiple levels including technical, clinical, supply chain and executive." "Ali also weaves in stories and humor to keep the audience engaged on what can be a dry yet frightening topic. I highly recommend Ali Pabrai as a speaker, trainer and consultant in this area."

We have had the true pleasure of working with Ali Pabrai at conferences all over the world during the past few years — with one unanimous word that keeps resounding among audiences and staff alike — AWESOME!

He is a tremendously engaging and knowledgeable presenter who is able to distill the essence of complex cybersecurity topics into comprehensible and actionable components for both highly skilled, technical audiences as well as those who are just entering or transitioning into the security part of the IT industry. His “behind the curtain” professionalism and enthusiastic willingness to help develop, customize and deliver great content paired with his absolute commitment to professionalism as a presenter and “doing what it takes” is a rare combination. We greatly look forward to working with Mr. Pabrai each and every time and know he will deliver excellence.

Ali Pabrai is an exceptional presenter who possesses a broad-based knowledge of cybersecurity and compliance. The scope of his talents range from boardroom-level strategic discussions on cybersecurity to tactical implementation plans suitable for company-wide execution. Ali is skilled in the evangelization of the state of today's cybersecurity threats and passionate in communicating an action plan a Board of Directors should pursue to mitigate exposure.

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