CHP Client Testimonials

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“Class was a comprehensive overview of HIPAA that allowed for questions and facilitated discussion between professionals at many backgrounds. Overall Rating of Instructor: 9.”

Tahlia Brody
TLD Systems

“Complete review. Overall Rating of Course: 10. Overall Rating of Instructor: 10.”

Camille Young
Modoc County Behavioral Health

“Overall Rating of Instructor: 10.”

Ramiro Soto
Kaiser Permanente

“Depth of framework information is the strength of the course. Overall Rating of Course: 10. Overall Rating of Instructor: 10.”

Rick Guetschow

“Overall Rating of Course: 9. Overall Rating of Instructor: 9.”

Stephanie Kessler

“Strength of the course is giving real life examples for each topic. Overall Rating of Course: 10. Overall Rating of Instructor: 10.”

Vanessa Segay
Indian Health Service

“Instructor was amazing. Examples were really helpful. Overall Rating of Course: 10. Overall Rating of Instructor: 10.”

Shaina Morris

“Overall Rating of Instructor: 10.”

Kien Trinh
NextGen Flex IT

“The depth of information and assistance in what is important to focus for exam and in practice. Overall Rating of Course: 9. Overall Rating of Instructor: 9.”

Rachelle S. Richardson
MS Division of Medicaid

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and able to answer questions. A very good class. Overall Rating of Course: 10. Overall Rating of Instructor: 10.”

Joseph Loo
Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic

“Comprehensiveness was a strength of the course. I feel like I have a better understanding of the various complexities of HIPAA. Thank you for providing this training! Overall Rating of Course: 10. Overall Rating of Instructor: 10.”

Natalie Novello
Area Agency on Aging 1-B

“Ability to make all elements of the framework easier to understand was a strength of the course. Overall Rating of Instructor: 9.”

Steve Ubiera

“Lots of resources available and examples of topics. Lorna was wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. Open dialog discussion. Enjoyed my time in this course. Overall Rating of Course: 9. Overall Rating of Instructor: 10.”

Wendy Todd
California Dept. of Corrections & Rehabilitation

“Actual examples of breaches is the strength of the course. Overall Rating of Course: 9. Overall Rating of Instructor: 10.”

Michael Davidsen
Managed Care Systems

“Overall Rating of Course: 9. Overall Rating of Instructor: 10.”

Amar Manro

“Covered HIPAA Accordingly. Recommended! Overall Rating of Course: 10. Overall Rating of Instructor: 10.”

Drake Marinca
RISE Services, Inc.

“Stories applicable to topic and funny. Overall Rating of Course: 10. Overall Rating of Instructor: 10.”

Chuck Holmes
Modoc County

“Much deeper understanding. Rules, regulations, legislatives, compliance, and governance areas are the strength of the course. Great instructor, great course to learn about HIPAA. Overall Rating of Course: 9. Overall Rating of Instructor: 9.”

Lac Tran
Prime Healthcare

“Instructor is very knowledgeable and able to answer questions as well as make the information interesting. Exposure to a lot of information. Have a great security officer, so hopefully she is up to speed! Overall Rating of Course: 10. Overall Rating of Instructor: 10.”

Stephanie Faulkes
Mahaska Health Partnership

“Depth of material is the strength of the course. Grounded in Actual law (Federal Register). Lorna keeps rather boring and technical content interesting and engaging. Overall Rating of Course: 9. Overall Rating of Instructor: 9.”

Jay Wilson

“Overall Training experience is good. I would like to have this kind of training in future as well. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of instructor: 10.”

Miikelle Barber
Optum Global Solutions

“Knowledge of instructor & completeness of instructor manual. Overall rating of course: 9. Overall rating of instructor: 10.”

Trisha Gardner
Cascade – City-County Health Dept.

“Covered a broad range of topics. I came to the course with limited HIPAA Compliance. Understanding & experience other than basic employee training. My expectation was to come and learn more detailed info to take back and apply to my organization. Overall rating of instructor: 8.”

Bruce Brown
US Army

“A ton of great content with great documentation to bring home. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of instructor: 10.”

Katherine Bellantoni
Gemrine Group

“Very informative, well organized. Information was clearly presented. Overall rating of course: 9. Overall rating of instructor: 10.”

Cheryl Chang

“A lot of details. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of instructor: 10.”

Anantram Deopersaud
Jamaica Hospital

“Really clear outline with focus on meaningful detail & illustrative anecdotes. As a European Privacy Officer, I was almost totally inexperienced in US regulations. I feel now have a really good understanding of HIPAA Title II. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of instructor: 10.”

Nicholas Bertrand

“In-depth coverage of HIPAA. I would recommend the course to others & post it was very useful. Overall rating of course: 9. Overall rating of instructor: 9.”

Patrick Story

“Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of instructor: 10.”

Sami Boshut

“Interactive. Overwhelming great. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of instructor: 10.”

Janell Smith
Comprehensive Health Service Inc

“The course material was easy to understand & was presented in the same manner. I was able to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of instructor: 10.”

Brandy Cunningham
Muscogee (Creek) – Nation Dept. of Health

“Understandable compared to ledger. Instructor was informative with many anecdotes keep us interested and better understand application of ideas. Overall rating of course: 9. Overall rating of instructor: 10.”

Micah Athy
Crisis Center of Tampa Bay

“Very personable & gave a lot of real life examples. I came in with zero knowledge of HIPAA so yes, but I learned a ton. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of instructor: 10.”

Eric Hansen
Normel Tech, LLC

“Great class. Looking forward to CSCS. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of instructor: 10.”

Joshua Burch
Normel Tech, LLC

“The small class size was good for open discussion and Lorna was very inviting of questions and clarification.”

Russ McGuire
Cerner Corporation

“Lorna is an awesome trainer and her depth of knowledge provides practical solutions to difficult requirements.”

Nita Bowers
The Training Place

“Great instructor for material.”

Cory Simmons
Wheelhouse IT

“Was a very thorough class and the instructor was great. I would recommend to anyone in the industry to take.”

Ryan Hockenga
Wheelhouse IT

“Very professional and enthusiastic.”

Melvin Ostlie
Community Hospital Connection

“Course was a very good balance between topics covered and conciseness. Learned everything about HIPAA that I was hoping for!”

David Delarosa

“Excellend presentation, quite informative & engaging.”

Kim Tendrich
FL Dept of Health

“Instructor is very knowledgeable. Kept the class interesting, provided scenarios to better explain topics and materials. Great course!”

Cecilia Lorenzo
Clini Sanitas

“Lorna Waggoner’s breadth of knowledge is truly impressive. She shined the light in the darkness to bring understanding!”

Elizabeth Brown
CTSI Outsourcing

“Lorna has been great throughout the process. I look forward to future courses.”

Enrique Sanchez
Guidewell Sanitas

“Enjoyed learning more about HIPAA with Lorna.”

George Bessenyei

“Very knowledgeable and helpful in answering questions and making the material relate to real life scenarios.”

Stacey Wieland

“I know a whole lot more about HIPAA than before I started. Immensely useful!”

San Jose Public Class

“Love training with Lorna!”

Tracy Nyre
SCL Health

“Lorna rocks! I enjoyed the class, her energy, her knowledge.”

Anil Pillai
Healthlucid, Inc.

“I found the course to be very informative.”

Karissa Cinelli
Northwell Health

“Lorna is great personality wise and made for an entertaining, yet informative instructor. Open to all questions.”

Daniel Manalo
Nortwell Health

“Excellent, well-taught and lively course.”

Joseph Bryan Henderson
BrightOutcome, Inc.

“Great course. This course will help provide the knowledge and authority needed to better assist my organization.”

Joshua Grantham
Solera Health

“Overall the course was well done. Lorna is very knowledgeable.”

Justin Graves

“This was one of the most educational classes I’ve ever attended. Very impressed.”

Mark Slivka
Edwards Business Systems

“Lorna was extremely knowledgeable about the HIPAA material. Great stories and examples to better understand the material.”

Debra Furia

“This was a great class. I am now ready to go back to my agency and help implement our compliance with all things HIPAA!”

Rita Pauley
AAA7, Inc.

“Lorna was very knowledgeable of the subject matter and an excellent instructor.”

Greg Stephens
Prime Healthcare

“A lot of information but Lorna keeps your attention.”

Vanessa Martinez

“Lorna is a very good instructor. She has a very unique way of teaching, which helps very much and make it easy to grasp and retain all information that I learned from the class.”


“Thank you for a great and interactive session.”

Saad Thara
Garden Grove Hospital

“Thank you for all the information. You made the lecture very interesting.”

Deepthi Mopathi
Prime Healthcare

“Amazing course. I learned a lot and can’t wait to get my knowledge out there and use it on my job.

Anthony Urquieta
Chino Valley Medical Center

“Great, informative class. Very educated speaker.”

Niel Dalal
Prime Healthcare

“I must admit that I was told earlier that this was going to be a great experience and they were right! Excellent teaching skills. Organized course structure.”

Sminil Mahajan
Prime Healthcare

“The class was very active and practical to the subject. Lorna always has a great attitude and always is able to help with any questions and set backs.”

Diego Contreras Bueno
Prime Healthcare

“Very informative and enjoyable lecture. Thank you!”

Swapna Dwarsala

“As the Privacy Officer at my hospital, these classes help me do a better job. HIPAA is always changing and we need to keep up with the changes to safeguard our patient’s PHI.”

Mary Rogers
Prime Healthcare

“Lorna and ecfirst have been a great partner to the Prime security effort.”

Robert Gates
Prime Healthcare

“Very nicely explained, superb knowledge base of instructor.”

Vykram Dhillon
Prime Healthcare

“This being my first time, it’s a world of information and I appreciate all I’ve learned.”

Nana Manu
Monroe Hospital

“Lorna is a great instructor. She explains the material well. I feel like she has taught me a ton within these two days.”

Heather Burke

“Lorna takes a hard subject and makes learning about HIPAA fun & exciting. Her passion for HIPAA shines through her presentation. Very informative and easy to learn.”

Marishia Phillips
Pathways Human Services

“Lorna was able to break down complex material into easy to understand content.”

Stephanie Kurtz

“Lorna was great and kept my interest throughout the entire course.”


“Ali has an exceptionally great energy level. Amazing Instructor with great knowledge. Keep smiling Ali. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of Instructor: 10.”

Keeli Abhishek
Primera Medical Technology

“Good course for candidate to have knowledge on HIPAA. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of Instructor: 10.”

Vamsi Krishna. T
Primera Medical Technology

“Thank You Pabrai. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of Instructor: 10.”

G. Sri Mallikarjuana
Primera Medical Technology

“Uday Ali Pabrai, the “BADSHAH” of HIPAA, is an institution in himself. Overall rating of course: 10. Overall rating of Instructor: 10.”

Masthan Shaik
Primera Medical Technology

“Great content, lot of information, good instructor.”

Phillip Walsh
Brighter Inc.

“Great course. I now have a better understanding on HIPAA.”


“Great training.”


“Great course! Lots of information that can be immediately put to use!”


“Lorna is in a class of her own. She is absolutely the best possible instructor for a very tough subject matter”

Stephen Stewart

“Great Instructor! Lively and engaging.”

D’Angelo Bailey
UI HealthCare

“Great class. You made it easy to understand”

Sherry Lampe
Stewart Memorial Community Hospital

“Lorna was not only extremely informative, but made this all very fun and entertaining.”

Don Hiller

“Fantastic course. Wonderful instructor. Thoroughly described. Highly recommended.”

Mark Miles

“Wonderful class; wish more department managers attended. Should be a requirement.”

Amy Hanchey

“Lorna makes the course fun. She teaches in a fashion that makes HIPAA easily understood.”

Sheila Asson

“Wonderful, person-centered instructor.”

Alexis Harris
Family Preservation, DC

“Lorna was fabulous! She made the day go quickly and kept me interested the entire course.”

Marishia Phillips

“Class was very helpful. It made me think of lots of ideas and questions to take back to my office.”

Angelica Vidro
Pathways of Delaware

“I enjoyed the examples of incidents.”

Tyler Reese

“Enjoyed the class and instructor. The content was easy to follow.”

Anotnio Teixeira

“I really enjoyed Lorna teaching the CHP course this week. I felt she delivered value in her multiple real-life examples and through the ecfirst content.”


“Love the way I’ve been informed of the best practices in the healthcare industry right at the start of my career.”

Ronak Thaker

“A lot of material being covered but it was done very professionally.”

Shami Brar

“Although an accelerated course, Lorna was very detailed and her presentation and speaking really helped me absorb all the information needed.”

Adam Romo

“Lorna did a great job making the tedious federal rules and legislation understandable and entertaining to keep the class engaged.”

Dan Schmidt

“Lorna did a great job keeping everyone engaged and kept it fun.”


“I’ve been through the course before and it was still very informative.”

David Cunliffe
Crisis Center of Tampa Bay

“Great, organized approach to this training. Good real world examples.”

Blythe Logan
Konica Minolta

“Excellent and informative class. Instructor held our interest and kept the class moving.”

Kathy Garza

“Without a doubt this will help when discussing HIPAA with my clients.”

Dunca Wierengo
Konica Minolta

“Excellent information, excellent organization, can’t wait to discuss with out customers. Would consider making this mandatory training for all of our healthcare sales reps.”

Tracy Wood

“Lorna was both entertaining and informative. Enjoyed the class very much!”

Ron Otis

“One of the best and most thorough classes I have attended.”

Brian McCarthy
Norton Healthcare

“Lorna was a great instructor. Her way of teaching was really impressive and it will help me and other participants of the class to function under the guidelines. Class was really beneficial.”

Prabhu Bollu
St. Rose Hospital

“The delivery of the course was very interesting and engaging.”

Himanshu Handa
St. Rose Hospital

“I feel that I now have a better understanding of the legal requirements surrounding HIPAA.”

Benjamin Worden
St. Rose Hospital

“Instructor’s presentation style was great and she gave examples, stories and talked about personal experience. It was very interactive and the summarizing at the end of the modules were very helpful.”

St. Rose Hospital

“The instructor (Ms. Lorna) was very informative and kept the class lively and engaging. The examples she used were really good and helped to stay in memory.”

Anetha Sugumaran
Kaiser Permanente

“Instructor was clear and fast paced. Translation of information into laymens terms was helpful in putting the info into context.”

Attendee from Kaiser Permanente

“Lorna is a great instructor who uses funny stories and experiences to help her students learn the information. I have learned a lot during her 2 day training and would highly recommend her to any company.”

Cora Durham
Kaiser Permanente

“As this new and upcoming domain, this cause will really help organizations to comply with controls.”

Sachin Kawalkar

“I was planning for HIPAA Training for a long time and got a chance to attend this training program conducted by ecfirst. Now, have this better knowledge in HIPAA. Thanks to ecfirst for conducting training in India.”


“Great Course! Really great learning and useful for future professional.”


“It is a very good course on HIPAA and take away for the participants are huge / relevant to the business.”

Srinivas Venugopal

“We need more elaborate course containing with explained & live case studies.”

M.S. Srinivasan
Marstech Cyber Solutions

“The Course is really good, after this I got exposure about HIPAA.”

M.S. Velmurugan
Marstech Cyber Solutions

“Lorna made the class enjoyable and gave great examples to keep it interesting.”

Steve Chambers

“Excellent presenter, good pace, lots of ‘real world’ applications and examples.”

Joey Sharpe

“Lorna did a great job!”

James Dunham
Simmons Foods

“As an HR Rep, this training was mind blowing. It’s our responsibility to discipline HIPAA violators. Therefore, the training was of much interest to learn and absorb the importance of the laws and regulations that have been put into place to protect our beneficiaries information and prevent the unauthorized disclosure of their information. It was a lot of valuable material and information to ingest in two days, but I certainly learned a lot and understand even more why privacy and security rules must be established and adhered to at all costs.”

Jennifer Washington
MS Division of Medicaid

“I really enjoyed Lorna’s teaching technique. She is amazing and very informative. Thank you for being so pleasant.”

Jenniffer Hale
HCA/Parallon Business Performance Group

“Very well delivered, especially considering the volume of information.”

Jared Dunn
Fairbanks Cancer Care Physicians

“Excellent Class! Excellent Instructor!”

Jeffery Decker

“I feel I’m empowered to be the HIPAA expert for my organization and to help 65,000 physicians understand the importance and do-ability of HIPAA.”

Chicago Public Class Attendee


“Mr. Pabrai has delivered an excellent program on HIPAA where I could gain maximum knowledge about HIPAA compliance. I thank him for delivering the CHA™ Program and to make the content understandable to me.”

Dr. B. Padmalatha
Vision 2K, Inc.

“I thank ecfirst for making us understand about HIPAA, the HITECH Act and the Final Rule. It will help us with our clients and within our organization.”

C. Vamshi Krishna
Vision 2K, Inc.


“I have always enjoyed all the ecfirst webinars I’ve attended as well as the CHP and CSCS™ classes. The webinars are very informative and relevant, and Ali’s presentation style gets people fired up! The CHP and CSCS™ classes are very comprehensive – a lot of information in a short time, but well presented by Lorna and Ali. Both classes provided me with information that is useful, helpful and very pertinent.”

Rose Marie Prince, RN, BSN, MBA/HCM, CHP, CSCS
IT Service Delivery Process & Quality Analyst
Presbyterian Healthcare Services


“I have been there on my own because I want to grow as a professional and I wasn’t to do the best in my job as a compliance officer. The first day I was terrified because the course was in English and I am in Puerto Rico. I’m so thankful to Ms. Waggoner because she was so helpful – I understand all that she said (great jokes and great examples).”

Computer Security and Privacy Officer
Health Plan Business Operations
Kaiser Permanente Information Technology

“I felt the course was very beneficial to my career goals and in preparing for the exam. Lorna was a wonderful instructor who was able to guide the beginners and the experienced HIPAA attendees through the material at the same level. I would recommend the course to help ensure a broad understanding of the HIPAA regulation.”

Terri Thompson
University of Kansas Physicians



ecfirst delivers complete end-to-end compliance and information security services across the United States and worldwide.

Training solutions include the gold standard HIPAA credential, Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP) and our world’s first compliance and cyber security credential, Certified Security Compliance Specialist (CSCS).

ecfirst is a HITRUST Authorized CSF Assessor.

Many clients engage ecfirst extensively for the flexible services that range from on-demand consulting to its managed compliance services programs that covers training, policies, remediation, risk assessment, technical vulnerability assessments penetration testing and much more.

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