• Question 1

    The Notice of Privacy Practices:

  • Question 3

    Define TPO?

  • Question 4

    Are there any exceptions to the HITECH Act breach standard?

  • Question 5

    What was the key update associated with the HIPAA Final Rule?

  • Question 6

    HIPAA is a federal law which is enforced by:

  • Question 7

    What is the deadline for providing notification of a breach?

  • Question 8

    Covered entities must notify affected individuals following the discovery of a breach of unsecured protected health information in written form by first-class mail:

  • Question 9

    Violating the HIPAA rule can result in:

    a) Civil penalties only
    b) Criminal penalties only
  • Question 10

    Based on the HITECH Act, when is a breach of unsecured PHI considered discovered?

  • Question 11

    The primary federal law pertaining to medical information privacy is:

    a) American Recovery and Reinvestment
    Act (ARRA)

    c) Health Information Technology
    for Economic and Clinical
    Health Act (HITECH)

    d) None of the above
  • Question 12

    If the service was done for a patient, it can be billed, even if it is not documented in the patient's record.

  • Question 13

    Access to PHI is determined by:

  • Question 14

    HIPAA requires passwords be changed at least every:

    a) 30 days

    c) 90 days
  • Question 15

    If an individual authorizes release of protected health information (PHI) that includes psychotherapy notes:

    a) Organization can release this PHI
    b) Organization doesn’t have
    to consult with the patient about
    what information to release

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